My dream has become reality more than anytime in my life.

I’m the girl who has ambitous more than any girl around me, I have hot temper and high, a very high ego. Actually, I’m the kind of girl who don’t want to be lower than another one. Everybody can say I different or anything, but I don’t care.

Because the important things in my life is my mom and my freedom, my career. Yeah, you can say: “Weird!” but I chose this lifestyle and my friend said I will regret but I won’t change. I want to prove to everybody that I can do anything I want and I won’t be a loser.

Come back to my dream, it’s very different if you compare it with my friends’s dream. I want to become a psychologist, a major doesn’t popular in my country – Vietnam, but I love it. I want to be a woman, who can listen to everybody and help them in my own or said in the other way, I’m a curious girl ^^

But, if I choose my dream, I must go to study abroad. Yeah, study abroad is a normal thing but, my family is my mom and me. I must leave my mom alone to reach my dream. It’s so hard to choose though my mom said it’d be ok. I love my mom and I hate the feeling that I can’t stand by her, can’t see her smile and hug her. I’m a weird girl, right?

Well, this is something to describe me. And my grammar is not good so, please, help me improve it. Thanks for your reading! ^^


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