Today is Saturday, is weekend but I feel too tired to be happy and have fun with my friends.

Tonight is my class meeting, we haven’t seen each other since last year, after our graduation. I miss them so much! A8 is my class, is my second home and I know, even if I stay away from here, even if many years go by, this is always my home and will always welcome me.

I think we just love things we had after it went away. So do I. I used to think I hate my class, don’t like my friends, my classmates,… but I realized that I really love them, really want to stay with them, but it’s seem to late.

Well, talk about my day, I’ve just go home after school. This is the first lesson in this semester of this subject. We’ve just meet and have some things to know, see our partners in group and that’s all. A little boring for the first, right?

Uhm, I think it’ll better if I come back to my assignment, an assignment about Cat Tien Nation Park. It’s so hard to do because all information about it is written by english and most of them is name in science >< Hope I can survive after two assignment!


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