Stop chasing the past

Someday, when you remember your past and all the things you did, maybe you’ll regret. But if you know you will regret, why did you do that?!

I can’t understand someone. They do everything they want and now, they regret, they say WHAT IF………,etc. Nonsense, the word IF can’t be said easily like that.

When you must make a dicision, make sure you will never ever regret after that and whenever you remember, please, stop living and chasing the past.

This is the only thing I want you to do.

I know, the past is something you can’t forget and stay away but, your life is the present and the future, not the past. So, let it go and live the way you’re living. That’s the only way can help you.

I used to regret about the past, but, I passed by it and now, my life is very good and if you ask me, I’ll say that I’m not regret by anything I did in the past or any dicision I made. I completely agree with them and handled it by my own.



3 thoughts on “Stop chasing the past

  1. Tam says:

    Interesting view 🙂 it makes me remember back to the essay topics that I had during Year 11 and 12 😛

    🙂 u got a point: decisions are never to be made without serious considerations.

    yeah, people tend to regret over what they did, and that’s not good, because some damages are simply irreversible.

    well, that’s one side of the story. I’d like to see it in a broader way, regret is not just about what we did, it’s also about what we did NOT do. I do feel some regrets over things I’ve done in the past, but more so for the things that I haven’t.

    The past is a funny thing, in some cases people want to chase it whereas in other cases, people want to run from it, and it still catches up with them (ha ha, that was from my year 12 English novel, amazing story, one year after studying it I can still feel the emotions drawn up in the novel).

    I think the past is an important component of life, present and future depend on the past 🙂

    Learning from the past makes people grow (especially from painful past >.< no one wants it to repeat again).

    Just some of my ideas 😛

    • Bella Ngan says:

      I understand your thinking ^^
      actually, I wrote this entry because of something, someone, you can understand, right?!
      but I think my past is ok, I’m not regret about anything and from my heart, I really happy because I’ve seen you guys.
      Maybe it’s a little weird, but I love you, all of my 9A1 classmates ^^

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