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Haizzzzzzz, exhausted completely ><

Arghhhhhhh, I hate this semester, I hate these subjects >< Why they have to give us these homework?! It’s so hard TT______TT

Arg, forget it!!!!!! Uhm, a little funny thing today ^^ I have to work in group for 4 subjects and all of them have the same order: 6 — and this is 6666 – a sign of lucky in Chinese ^^ Hope I’ll get a good result for my dream 😛

A next thing is a test, a psychology test and it has a really good result. My type is ENFP (or perhaps is ENFJ). OMG!It’s really suitable for me ^^

And the last thing, my friend – Billa called me. His voice sounds good but he said so fast. By the way, it’s really fun to talk to him ^^

Overall, today isn’t a bad day ^^


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