Angry, tired, exhausted, etc.

Don’t know what happened to me. Just tired, very tired…

I was very angry, angry with my uni because of their false, tired of waiting and exhausted from everything. I want to be free, just want stay in somewhere silent, noone find me or call my name, just 5 minutes is ok.

I wish I could run away from my present. Too tired to stand, too angry to smile, to exhausted to move… I hate my status now ><

If everyone stop calling me, ignoring me in just 1 day, that’s my pleasure! I wish they could understand for me.

Maybe I should stay away from my PC for couple of days, to feel my silence, let my mind fly away, maybe I should.

Well, as the title, I was angry, tired and now is exhausted. I’ll keep silent in someday. Hope noone find me and I’ll be back when I’m alright.


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