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The last time I checked, my hometown is Soc Trang, not Quang Ninh province. Hmm, maybe I’m the kind of the one who always complain about their life, huh?!

Right now, I feel lack of confidence and so confused 😦 Really, really confused because my way seems so hard to go. It’s so rough, so far…

Even I know I’ll never give up, even I want to make my dreams come true so much, even I want to prove my pride, myself so much and I make sure that I’ll do all of them, 100%, nope, maybe 200% or more. But,

There’s still something in my mind, my head, my heart afraid of. I don’t know what, maybe is afraid of fallen, afraid of lose,etc. I don’t know how to get it away from me, don’t know how to fix it, don’t know how…

So much confused things, so many troubles, everything makes me sick, makes me tired and want to give up, want to run away – but(again) – I can’t and don’t want run away everything.

I’m tired of being strong in front of everyone, tired of the weakness of myself.

It doesn’t mean I don’t want to be strong, I want to be stronger more than anyone and I don’t reject my weakness, too. Everyone has their own weakness and I’ll keep my weakness until the day, the day that the one can change my life appear. Until that day, I’ll keep my weakness for myself ^^

Come back to the main topic, everything seems so hard, right? But as I said, I WILL NOT GIVE UP. Give up not my way and my style, so I accept these challenges and try my best. That’s the only way I can run away these problems ^^

AH, so good to have a place to talk, to share my emotions, feelings and thinkings. I’m ok now!



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