First love ^^

Yesterday, I attended an English Club and we discussed about love. Well, if you ask me what is love, I’m so sorry if you hear my answer because my answer would be: “Love is a bull shit!”. Yeah, it’s not a right words to describe a love with someone, but it’s right words for me. You may think that I have a pessimistic attitude, right? But I’m not the girl who always imagine about her True Love, her Perfect Lover and a Happy Family anymore. Although I don’t believe in love anymore, I still feel something wonderful whenever I think about my first love.

Uhm, my first love happened when I was grade 5 exactly. I sat behind him and always find something to argue with him but it was really fun ^^ When I was studying junior high school, I still liked him. I really looked forward to have a chance to meet him, to talk to him and anything else.

Till I studied grade 9, a misunderstanding happened and it made me hate him, really hate him. And when we met each other at my high school, we didn’t say anything and didn’t stop to say hi. Well, I had a boyfriend when I studied grade 10 but if I had to make a comparison, I think my first love would take a higher place 😛

In the beginning of the second term of grade 10, my first love moved to US. After that, I found his yahoo id and we talked again. Even we can’t be friend anymore, I still happy when all the misunderstanding went away, so relief ^^

As you can see, my first love is a memorable thing. But it seems different when I think about my second love or my first boyfriend. Uhm, I don’t want to talk about it but you can say my 2nd love is the reason makes me feel like now.

Uhm, I’m not really anti love or guys, just can’t find any reason to believe in love and from the bottom of my heart, I still hope, someday, someone can changes my mind, even it seems impossible ^^


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