😦 😦 😦

Want to scream, want to cry ><

This is the first time I must write a CV, so hard TT_____TT Awww, I still don’t like my CV anymore but this is the best thing I can do now. Hope I can pass ><

Another funny thing 😉 well, my ex pm and called me last night. Actually, I don’t have anything to talk to him but he wanted to call me, so he called. Uhm, he said he want to come back, want my forgiveness and need me in his life. If he said these things in 9 months before, nothing to argue but 9 months is a long time, right?

All feelings have gone. Now, I don’t have any feeling toward him – no anger, no hate, no love, nothing. But he is a stubborn guy, why can he believe in my words? Is it so hard to believe? Why he must make my life become a mess?

After the phone, I was tired to argue with him, it’s 1am >< So I just give him 10 years, 10 years to forget me, to get over the past and leave me alone. I’m sure that he can’t love me in next 10 years, noway he can do that and absolutely, I have time to find a Mr.Right – and even I can’t find anyone, I don’t think I can give him anychance anymore. I had enough pain, so please, LEAVE ME ALONE!


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