Tired, but, everything will be alright ^^

Once more night…

This is the n nights I stayed up late until this time, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe coz I’m not a normal girl 😀

Well, my ex wants to come back with me, my friends and family don’t agree, my study is so hard, I can’t pursue my dreams anymore because of my finance… so many things, so tired…

I want to run away, I want to sleep, I want to be forgotten… I don’t know what I want and I need to do now. So confused!!!

Talk about my ex, I don’t know. The only feeling I’m having now is the emptiness, no more love or angry, just nothing. He wants a chance, I give him one. I don’t think he can change anything and makes me love him again, but he’s so stubborn. So, let’s he try him best, right?!

About my dreams, it’s so far, far away from my reach 😦 But I promise to myself that I’ll complete my dreams, even it takes a long, long time.

My friends and my family, well, I don’t think much about them, coz the only thing I need now is the freedom and I don’t want to make myself be hurted again. So, just leave it alone, ok?

Well, my study – I don’t like economic but I must study seriously, I don’t want a D again >”< So, until the day I go, I still try my best ^^

Uhm, about hospitality, I don’t hate or like, so it’ll be fine. Everything will be alright. Just believe in myself.

Another note for myself, I must stopping bother my ex like that anymore. I don’t want to make he hopes more. Everything will be fine ^^


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