Uncomfortable in my own house

Don\’t forget to remember me – Carrie Underwood

Listen a smooth song to calm down myself and as a weekend gift for everyone ^^

I’m not in the mood to write anything 😦

Arghhhhhh, really, really hate this >< why my mom must do that?! why she is always get angry with me, even I believe that I didn’t do anything wrong. This morning is an example.

Today is my nephew’s birthday, I’ve bought a cake and as usual, I would take it in the afternoon of the day after. I can swear that I didn’t hear she say anything about the time. She didn’t tell me or she told but to small for me to hear, just enough for my sisters hear. She knows that I’m always wear headphone when I turn on the computer and now, she blames me because she needs the birthday cake in the morning, not in the afternoon. Oh great! Just great and really great!

The next thing I know is she got angry and use all the words she can remember to scowld me, not exacly curse but nearly. Oh my, how can she combined a mistake about to say that I never care about my family and everyone around me!? HOW CAN SHE SAID THAT!? I admit that I’m not a good girl, a good child as she expected. But sometime, I can’t understand her. Really, I can’t understand her. She can smile with strangers, but with me, always get angry. Maybe not always but usually. I’m not a family girl, actually I don’t know how to express my caring, don’t know how to talk the way she wants. I’m not that girl can make everyone relax and smile but I believe that I’m a person who always have a good behave in society. Noone is perfect, right?

Why can’t she accept this?! why is she always make the atmostphere in my house is really stress and really can’t breath now. Arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Of course my friends can’t always stand by my side or help me in everything but I CAN BE MYSELF when I’m with them. She makes me uncomfortable, that’s why I’m always go out whenever I have a chance, that’s why I’m always talk with my friends instead of my mom. She can’t see it, can she?!

Oh my, yeah, she is a good mother, a great mother but the way she acts with me always make me feel useless, like I’m nothing in this world 😦

Uhm, it is enough now. I don’t want to talk about it anymore and I need to ready to meet my group and complete our project. It will be a busy Sunday afternoon.


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