I’ve just seen a video from TED.com, it talks about sex slavery. This is a lecture of Sunitha Krishnan, an Indian woman, who is fighting again sex slavery.

This video is really make me speechless. I cannot believe that many man can rape a child, a fourth-year old child. This is just an example from her lecture and honestly, every word makes my hair stand up from tip to toe.

I do not talk about anything but humantality. Are they human? Or they are animal? How can they do that with a child, maybe their child, their niece or nephew? I just cannot believe that they can do that!

Another case is about woman. Woman who has abused by their boyfriend, their husband or their father. I feel everything can be broken when I saw the photos with show their wound. It hurts so much!

As a conclusion, she talked about the society, about our behavior. It is true that we have charities and many things to help people but, from the bottom of our heart, have we ever accepted them by themselves, like a human? No, we have not. We still seperate them from our normal life, we still do not give them a way out to help them stronger than ever.

Actually, I do not do anything good to lecture anyone, but, I believe in myself and I have made a promise with myself that whenever I graduate and help my mom have a good life, I will spend my time to help people, especially children and woman, who has an unlucky destiny but they do not have to accept this until the day they cannot fight anymore.


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