Divorce because of man’s ego and selfishness

Today, I heard something bad about my friend’s family. My friend, who I call “big brother”, has told me that his family, his father and mother, may be, in the near future, they will divorce. So hard when hearing that, even my parents has divorced each other since I was 3. But my friend’s family is different because they has lived together for a long time, now, because of something really stupid and the selfishness of a man, because of their ego when they can go out and have affairs but their wives cannot go out and have fun with a group of her friends. So unfair!!!

This is not my business but I still feel really angry for my friend’s mother and really wish that man can learn to grow up and have more tolerant at the same time when they learn to fix their mistakes, not others.

Well, finish now because I have to continue my studying. I have a final exam tomorrow, hope everything will be alright ^^ Try my best!!!


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