Relax and come back to who I am

I will take the IELTS test on this Saturday. I’m freaking nervous now!!! Really really nervous!!! I know I pushed too much pressure on myself, I know if I have too much pressure, I will be overloaded and it is not a good thing for me. But, I cannot stop it! Everything, it is just blow out and I cannot stop thinking about it. I cannot let myself be failed, even though I know, I know I can stand up after the fall but >< I hate myself for being weak like this!!! Cannot believe a girl, who is always confidence and believe in herself like me can be like this way!!!

I need to push these bad things away from me and my head, my thinking. It does not do a good thing to help me relax!

Inhaled, exhaled… Relax, relax and come back to who I am…



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