Congratulation to me :D


Unbelievable, even it is true 😀 OMG!!!! I got band 6.5 for my IELTS test. oh yeah \m/ And none of them is under band 6 8-} Well, 6.5 for Listening, Writing and Speaking, 7 for Reading :X :X :X

Love it sooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not think I can get the band 6 and of course, I cannot imagine 6.5 I have thought that I failed, I cannot get enough score but in the end, my mom’s call is an unpredictable thing :X :X :X

Cannot believe in my own ears but Gosh, this is the truth, this is real and now, in my hand is my test result.

Congratualation to me!!!! My first step to my dream, to pursue my dream, to be anything I wanna be :X :X :X


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