One more week ^^

Exactly one more week to my 19th bday ^^

This week, uhm, not really much happened and I am still waiting for my IELTS result but it will not be long because I will get it within 8 hours. I AM FREAKING NERVOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I know it is not the matter but still, I can help myself from worry and thinking >< Another thing is my  macroeconomics is not good 😦 I am so disappointed with me. Cannot believe that I cannot write at least a good answer in 4. How funny!!!!

Arghhhh, forget the sad things!!!!!!! Talk about the happy ^^ I have received my bday gifts from my friends and my sisters. I know, it is too soon but they want to give me and of course, I received it happily 😀 Love them so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh :X :X :X

In addition, I have realised that I have many good friends around me ^^ well, do not count the ones who do not respect me the same way I respect them and call me like that. I cannot believe that she is my best friend but not anymore. It is enough when she think and talk to me like that way. Come back to my friends, uhm, it is nothing special happened but I just feel that I love them really, really much and really thankful for what they had done for me. Thank you and I love you guys so much :X : X :X


Well, I have to go to bed now, too tired to do anything =.=


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