Happy birthday to me ^^

Well, I post this entry later than my real birthday but well, tonight is my last bday party 😀

I had a family party on Friday. All of my family, my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, sisters (well, they are my cousins, but I love them like my real family :X), my little brother, my nephew. I love all of them!!! This party was made me really really happy and I love my family more and more :X (even I took a pic that my guy does not like at all :P).

On Saturday, a night out with my friends from secondary school. I had  a lot of fun with them and of course, took a lot of pictures 😛 Delicious food, nice view and good friends, I cannot ask more ^^ Love my friends so much :X

And tonight, a night with my friends from highschool. Just 5 people, include me, but wow, I laught very much. After eating at a Chi Toi restauran (the price is cheap, very cheap, so suprised :D), we came to a place call New Day to karaoke. I sang a lot of songs and now, I hard to say a sentence clearly 😛 Aww, you guys always know how to make me laugh and feel happy. Love you more than word can say 😀

Let me see, I had 3 parties in 3 days, day by day and all of them are really, really funny and made me laugh and especially, happy. I am really happy because I have my family always by my side, my friends always love me and help me when I am down, especially, a guy who is always by my side, always cheer me up when I upset, always listen to my problems, always be there and let me cry out lout, and the last but not least, always love me. Even he is not there and say happy birthday to me, but he sang a song for me, made me laugh and gave me all the best he can. Thank you my family, thank you you guys – my lovely friends and my special one.




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