My stomach is craving now == but well, I am not really care because it will get over in a next few minutes. Well, I guess ^^!!

Actually, I was not in the good mood recently because of many things – the things I cannot control and have my own decision. Everything, it is just out of my reach. I do not wanna leave my dream aside, instead, I wanna pursue my dream more than anyone around me and I feel very uncomfortable with the university I am studying at this time because of their teaching method and their services is very unconvienient.

That is my study, I do not wanna drop my dream but what can I do!? What can I do when my aunts are very …, do not know how to explain but, yeah, sometimes, they make me feel dizzy because of their fakeness 😐 Talk about study abroad, haizzz, I have just applied a scholarship of Navitas system in UniSa. They still did not have the result but well, I am not confident and I really think that I can get the scholarship, so just forget it, do not hope anymore.


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