My Tet holidays

It has been a long time since my last update ^^ This time, I have many things to say, to express my feelings for a long time.

This time of the year is the Lunar New Year at my country and I have been very busy for the preparation and though, it was very tired but I still very happy because this year, I was truly and really happy besides my family and my dear cousins :X

The truth is my house is not that big but everything was a mess. I must cleaned up my house until the New Year’s Eve == Too tired ><

But the Tet holidays was really fun and yeah, this is the first Tet holidays I spent all my times to go out and stay with my family ^^

The first day, I, my mom, my aunt and my little cousin came back to our hometown and stayed there, visited all the relatives. In the evening, we came to the town to visit my grandfather and grandmother from my father’s side. But the fun is the next day when all the members of my clan gathered together and marked the second day of Tet holidays will be the family meeting ^^

In the afternoon, I came home with my cousin from Australia. This is the first time he came to Vietnam to celebrate the Tet holidays. Though he was very boring because he barely know everyone in the clan. We had went out all day or surfed the Internet to find something interest in the next day. And the fourth day, we came back to my hometown to let him ready to come back to Australia.

This is not something big but we had many fun as playing cards, going out to shopping, chatting, eating, talking, etc. I and my guys cousins had bought three t-shirt with different size but the same kind, as a celebrate for our meeting. Of course, it was very hard to say goodbye, even we just hang out together in 2 nights, 2 short nights, but still 😦

The morning we said goodbye, I cried so hard, unstoppable my tears, my crying and my sadness. I do not know when we will meet again and it will be a long long time. Yeah, I am the only girl in the three but it is not that hard to understand my sadness. Till then, I still miss them so, so much 😦 They are very alike to my brothers, not only cousins, but my brothers as well, and when I had no brothers, it was hard to say goodbye to your brothers, right?

Though, these days had gone but I believe that we will see each other again, sooner or later, sure we will ^^ I will have an unending argue with Khai, a gossip about girls and Khiem’s girlfriend with him. Yeah, I will meet them!

I love you guys so much, Khai, Khiem!!!

I love our familys so so so much!!!


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