Valentine day :D

Today is Valentine day ^^

Actually, I do not have reason to celebrate this day because I have just broken up with my long term boyfriend, but I think V-day is the day for everyone, not only for the couples. So let celebrate this day together!!!!

This is my 3rd Valentine when I was and will be alone, but the last Valentines, I made chocolate for all of my friends and my family. It was fun, maybe more fun than give it to my boyfriend. However, this year is an exception. I decided that I will not make any chocolate or go out with my friends. Instead, I will stay at home, listen to some soft music, chat with my friends and doing my assignments. It makes me feel peaceful more than anything ^^

I know, I am not really a good girl or something likes that, so, I do not think I have anything is better than the others, and deep down inside, I know, I know that I have make a good guy disappointed, angry and maybe, hates me for the rest of his life. I am feel really sorry but from the bottom of my heart, I know this is the best for both of us. We cannot have a same path, cannot stand by each other for the rest, even how much we love each other. So, how can we go on when I do not have feelings for him anymore. It was very difficult when we had feelings and now, when my feelings has gone away, how many difficult it can be?

I am sorry!!! This is the only thing I can say to him. I do not ask for his forgiven, I just hope that he can understand for my feelings and please, do not make yourself suffer anymore. Just try to ignore my existence, your memories about me and go on. Please, go on on your way and do not remember me, who caused all of your wounds.

A little thing to say with my ex-bf. I really hope that he can forget me or even hates me, if it can help him feel better. I know, I am very selfish when I did these things, but it will be more selfish if I hide my feelings longer. It is not a good thing for both of us 😦

Anyway, something sad cannot make our V-day less happy ^^In the end, I send my greetings to my family (including my cousin’s family), my friends and everyone, who has thankful for this life and keep going on your way.

I really hope, really waiting for the right one. But at this time, I think family and friends are all I need for this Valentine. All of my heart and my happiness, I send it to everyone and bless you have a happy Valentine day and a year full of happiness.


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