F**king perfect to my family and my friends

This week is not a lucky week with me.

The first time in my life, I have called a bitch. Shock, I was shock, very shock! Cannot believe that I have been insulted by someone, who does not know a part of my life and myself. What a stupid girl! I was angry, very angry and my hands was too shaking to type a word.

The second, I have a fight with my friend, who I consider as my best friend but I cannot believe that she does not know that I really hate people who assume my friends as bad people when they have not known about my friends.

Two things has happened and it made me angry, very angry! But after that, I realize how many good friends I have. I really do not them to do anything for my, but their support, their words, all of them helped me get out of the mess and feel better now. Thanks for all of you guys! Without you, I do not know what should, what can I do.

I really, really love my family and my friends so much! I love them more than anything in this world!!!

With someone, I can be a bitch, but from the bottom of my heart, I can be sure that I am fucking perfect to my family and my friends, who understand and support me all the time.


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