I do not think this song has any relation to my own story, but I like this song :X so I think it is fine ^^

Last Friday, I have been insulted by a girl, who I barely know and she did not speak a word to me. How can she insult someone she does not know?! Unbelievable!!!

Two days later, I have chatted with my friend, and well, it was very fun when my friend – she is very happy and encourage me because I have broken up with my ex =)) oh yeah, she has shown me what made her angry and I must agree with her, he had proven by himself that he doesn’t deserve my pitiful or my used-to-called love, anymore. How childish is he!!!! Blame me, blame everyone because of everything and why he cannot see that was his false, too. It is ok with me if he does not see his, because I am not his nanny anymore.

Whoa, it is really good to left the bad things aside and focus on my dream, my future career, my family, my friends and my life ^^


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