My weekend

It seems like I have changed my taste of music A LOT == I have been affected by my cousins so much, from soft music, I have changed and now, rap, rock, r ‘n’ b are my favorite type of music. Right that I still like soft music but I realize these type of music are really helpful. When I stress or angry, listen some rap/rock/r ‘n’ b songs help me a lot. At the same time, these music has been written about ourselves very much and well, I am kind of confidence, independence and stubborn, so I think these music is very suitable, and try something new is usually good for yourself ^^

Today is a tired day but a very fun day as well ^^ I came to my sister’s house and took A LOT of photos 😛 My friends and family only shook their heads but I cannot explain why I love take pictures so much like this. I just wanna save all my happy and funny moments with them, to remember them all the way I will go. Ah, talk about my way, well I am not sure if I can receive the study permit to come to Canada to study or not, but let’s hope ^^ If I can come, I know that I will sad, very very sad and feel alone, I must leave all my precious ones here and go all the way by my own. But I know, I know this is my choice and I understand that even I will miss them a lot, and so do they, but I have the faith that I can go and when I go back, at least, I can finish one of many many goals I have.

Some words about my thinking and my feelings ^^ Hope everyone had a nice weekend as well and wish all of us will have a happy week. Enjoy a nice song from Celtic Woman – a soft music but show you how to feel about yourself, at least, you have your own place and your own self ^^


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