My best memory

I have just heard a song which talk about the last day at high school and somehow, it makes me feel sad, sad and regret.

It has been nearly two years since the day I left my high school. I can still remember the last day – the day we said goodbye with our seats, our class, our school, our teachers, our friends and our teenager memories.

It likes a dream. I remember the first day I came to my high school. Lonely is the first thing in my mind. I hardly knew more than 10 persons in my class and feel like I was not belong to that place. Time went by, and without my realize, this class – 12A8 has become a part of mine. All of us, 35 students, we came from different schools, grew up in different places and have different characteristics, of course, we used to argue, fight, hate and everything must appear in a high school class. But upon of everything, we still love each other very much. Though we had fighting before, but when we had a game or something required the appearance of everyone, we still stand by each other, still be one and of course, All for one and one for all!!!

I was not like my class at first, but I did, do and will know that I love my class, my second home – 12A8 and even I will lose my memory someday, I believe that I still love them from the bottom of my heart.

Like I said, I feel sad and regret when I remember my high school times. I regret because I had lost many times used to with everyone and till the day we separated, the day we said goodbye and keep going on our own way, till that day, I realized how much they are with me. Every face, everyone, every smile, every of them, I still can remember, remember like they have been printed on stone.

Someday, not really far from now, I will keep going on my way, fly away and pursue my dream, my ambition, 12A8 – my second home, the palace of my childhood memories, the palace which keeps my youth, my rebellion and the happiest time in my school time, will always in my heart, in my mind. I know, I believe that the day I come back, the day I need to go to take a break from my life, this place and people in there will always open their arms and welcome me back, welcome me like a bird who flew away from its nest and now, came back to their own place.

From the bottom of my heart and all of my mind, I love you, 12A8 and every member in A8 will always be my dearest friends, my dearest memory. I love all of you guys! Be friend forever!


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