In the darkness

Silence. Darkness.

Frightened is my very first feeling. Opened my eyes from a deep,very deep sleep, or I must say, I was in coma.

“How long since that accident? Where is everyone? Why am I alone? Where am I?” – many questions keep echoing in my head.

Spinning. I found a way out but there was no help. There is darkness in everywhere. No sound can be hear by my ears. No thing came into my view. Suddenly, everything came back into my mind, just like a slow motion film.


“I hate you!!!” – with these last words, I run off out of my house, from my hell and from that person – the person who was my dearest mother.

I do not know when was the last time I run that far, that long and suddenly as it came, I stopped. At this time, I looked around and hardly realize where am I. Because the sky was getting dark quickly and I have run a long, long way to a strange place.

Took a look once last time, I sat down and let my breath came back to steady.

“How could everything be that bad?” – asked myself. Tears was coming down my cheeks, my cold hands and soon, my sobbing was echoing the whole strange place while I recalled everything had happened.

We used to be so good and everything just seem so right. Mom and I, we are our family. I only have mom and mom only has me. No one else. Mom went to work. I went to school. We are perfectly happy and satisfied with our life. I have no more desire than living with mom, go to school and do my favorite jobs.

But then, that person appeared in our life. He is a good man – I must admit it. He has a career by his own, he has a good personality and really care about mom, care about me. Of course I can understand it. I can understand that any woman can fall for him, can love him and everything. But this is any woman, NOT my mom!!!

I cannot accept the fact that mom has fallen for him for a long time, and so does he. I cannot accept anyone step in my life, my family and break the relationship between me and my mom. Mom does not need a man in her life. She has me! I am not a boy but I can do anything that boy can. I can protect her, I can earn money to buy and pay everything. I do not need a man in our life.

I remembered when they told me about their relationship and their feelings for each other. Just, I just cannot understand. Why does she need a man when we are perfectly with our mother-daughter relationship? Any one can answer me???!!! I did not know anything and keep running to the place where I was at this time.

Confusion. Angry. Loneliness.

Every negative feelings came back again and then, I continue to run. Run away as far as I can. I do not care anymore. Run, run and run!!!


A/N: I do not know why am I writing this. Just wanna write something to forget everything and to improve my writing skill. This is not about me or anyone around me, so if anyone feels this is about themselves, please do not think that I am writing this to do anything against your will.

I am really happy and thankful if anyone can help me with my writing and the plot.

Thank you for reading ^^


2 thoughts on “In the darkness

  1. Violette says:

    E đọc rồi nè 🙂 Plot cũng ok, mới đầu đọc e hết hồn cứ tưởng chuyện thiệt =)) Cái grammar thì e nghĩ là cái phần in nghiêng của c nên viết ở past tense (chuyện kể lại), còn ý c là sao thì e ko rõ, có thể là giống như đang diễn ra cảnh đó thì c dùng present cũng đc, tại e thấy tenses hơi lộn xộn, lúc past lúc present 😀 Có mấy phần grammar như prepositions, phrasal verbs, cấu trúc câu… thì chưa chắc lắm. Mấy cái phần đó c lên Oxford Dict. search là nó có hết 😉 Giá thị trường 1 cuốn Oxford 8th edition năm nay là gần 400k =)) ko biết có down trên mạng đc ko, cái đĩa của e thì hư rồi, ko thôi cho c mượn cài zô máy :p Viết nữa đi, e đọc nữa, e thích đọc lắm, hehe

    • Bella Ngan says:

      =)) thanks e gái nhá =)) =)) =)) Oxford Dict thì chị có ròi nhưng nói thật với e nhá, vik mà k hề xem dict hay bất cứ cái j có hỗ trợ grammar hết á =)) tự nhiên đọc InuYasha, thấy tên chapter là In the darkness, tự nhiên nảy ra ý tưởng ròi vik lun, chưa có cái plot rõ ràng lun ==
      nhưng sẽ cố để improve hơn 😀

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