Mistakes ><

I have reread my posts from the first day and ewww, I am very disappointed of myself ==

I know that I am not very good in English and writing, but I cannot believe that I made so many mistakes, or I must say, STUPID mistakes >< Some words, some very simple words but I still wrong. English is not my native language but I have learned it since I was 8. It has been 12 years, a long time.

I think I will not rewrite and make up my mistakes. Not that I want everyone see how bad I am, but I want let it there to reread sometimes and to remind me that I still have many thing I need to change, have many things that I need to make up and to being better, I must know where did I wrong.

Not really in a good mood but well, let music change our mind and be happy (even we need to make it up later, like me :P) I do not know how many people like or dislike Miley Cirus but well, this is my favorite song, because of its rhythm and the way it makes me feel so good, so alive, full of energy and ready to take the new steps ^^ If you dislike it, just put aside your hatred and listen to its rhythm, to feel full of energy 😀




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