Mama – Happy Woman’s day

The first time I heard this song – Mama by Il Divo is on Mother’s Day and it is nearly a year since the 1st time. Though this song is talk about Mother – in Christian but in my opinion, this song is talk about my mother, our mothers. Today is Woman’s day so I want to talk about Mother today ^^

I do not have any religion so we can put aside this matter. I just touched and somehow, ashamed when I heard this song. I am obviously not a good child because I am too stubborn and rebellious. However, it does not matter while I still love and respect my mom by all of my heart.

I believe that mother is the strongest person in the world. I am not going to talk about the theory which we had been taught since kindergarten, but I am talking about the truth. Even you blind, you can feel the unrequited and unlimited love we have from our mothers. I ask you, is there anyone can sacrifice for you more than your mom? Since the day you have appeared in her body, since the day your appearance marked a big step in her life – I see there are many things she must put aside and put you all above anything. I understand that our mom can make mistakes as well, because we are people, not saint, so in any circumstances, except murder, abuse and something like that, I hope you do not angry with your mom, even if you did, forgive her and understand her reason, because we only have one mother. In case you have been adopted, you have two mothers, but in any way, you still should forgive and understand their reasons before you judge them unfairly.

I am pretty sure that I am not going to lecture you or anything like that, I just want to say out loud my thinking when I have seen too many sons and daughters had left their parents, their mothers unprotected and did not care for them. I do not have the rights to told everyone what they should or should not, just remember, you just have one and only mother and you cannot make up your mistakes if she went to another world. So take your time and say you love her, forgive her or whatever to show your love to her and to know that, you will not regret the day she leave you eternity.

I love you, mom ^^ Happy Woman’s day.

I will write another entry on Mother’s day for you and for everyone, who want to read my post 😀


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