I am talking with my friend. After a discussion about friend and best friend, well, I have a better look to look at myself and realize that I still have too much mistakes and as a human must be, I am still not perfect.

I am the type who is easily affected by the other and change my mind quickly than the weather. That might be the reason why I am always think everybody as my close friends and it is very hard to consider who is my best friends, who is not. However, I am still have a bigger problem 😦 I am usually say anything before I have a chance to think and consider it in the right way.

Honestly, I do not think I have a best friend in their true meaning. I mean, I have many friends but truthfully, all of them, they are not the one I will find when I have problem and need someone to listen and help me. Talkative is my characteristic, though I do not like it =.= and I am really open so talk to the others about my problems is very easy, but from deep down inside, I do not think there is anyone who can help me  fully. There are many things I need to think and reconsider to make it right, to grow up from inside to outside.

And I do not think this friend of mine will consider me as her best friend, but I can say that I really really think that she is very close to me and someday, not far from here, I will say that she is my best friend. Thanks for everything you said to me – S! Your words help me realize many things and really, I am really happy when I have you as my friend ^^


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