After shock

It has been a long time since the last time I cried after watching a movie. This time, I watched After shock – a movie based on a novel and two earthquakes had happened in the last thirty years in China.

This movie, it talks about family, the separation and people’s choices. To summary a wonderful movie like this, I do not have enough knowledge and sense to say but the moment I saw the mother must choose which one she could save – her son or her daughter, it hurts too much. There is no cruel than make a mother choose which life she could save when both of them are her blood and flesh. The scene which hurts me most is when her daughter stood from the land, next to her dead father and lost. There is nothing can compare with that scene, only you in the world, no one knows you and your mother has left you (in her mind at that moment). It is just so lonely, so hurt and so unbelievable.

Through her childhood and till her college time, even she has tried her best but the memory would not let her forget. Then, she was pregnant. I am not in her case but from the point of view of a girl, I can say that she cannot abort her child, especially when she was the one who has left before. At the same time, her mother – I cannot understand why she can keep living like that, buried and suffered all her wounds, her sin. It is just can understand if you are a mother like her.

The earthquake in 1976 has separated their family, from 4 to 2 and then, the earthquake in 2008 has brought them back together, from 2 to 3. Their reunion, I do not know how to express my feeling, touch, happy or else, I do not know. I just can understand the motherhood a bit. The last scene is the wall to commemorate 240,000 people had died in the earthquake in 1976. I cried hard.

Besides the story about their family, there are many things had made me cry as well. When her foster mother has gone away or when a mother in earthquake 2008 has to cut her daughter’s leg to save her life – “Let her hate me for the rest of her life!” and then, she came back, she cried to keep her daughter’s leg. There are many, many touch scenes and well, this is just to express my thinking and my feeling, no offense.

Now, after an earthquake in Japan yesterday, this is stronger than the earthquakes in China, Haiti and worse, much worse. I do not know what to do but the only thing we can do now is praying. Let’s pray that no more people have to die, no more disaster or at least, the disasters can be decreased a bit.

Take a look at the trailer, if you do not know about this movie.


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