Today, I want to change the topic a bit. I am thinking about writing the next part of In the darkness but well, there is something happened yesterday so I want to talk about it ^^

As we know, there are two genders – male and female (I am talking about biology). We grow up together and when the right time is coming, we will get married with the other gender, have a family, have children and grow old together. That is the theory which everyone want and try to achieve in their life. But, there is always have a “but”, people can go to the moon, can explore everything, however, when is the time we can understand a person?

Come back to the topic – the relationship between male and female. From the female’s point of view, when they start a relationship, they expect their partner will love, understand, protect and the most important thing, be faithful with them. From the male’s point of view, they expect the same things, except, they want their girlfriend or wife will obey their every word. However, there is a slight difference about male and female’s reactions with their partner. Female will have the same treatment with their partner, e.g., you treat them nicely and you will receive the same thing, you be faithful to them and they will become your loyal friend, girlfriend, wife. Male is different. They want to have a faithful girlfriend, wife but themselves, most of them do not consider about being faithful to their love one. As an example, last night, I came to a birthday party and all the men in that room has one girl next to them (I am not talking about girl friends), all of them has married and their marriages is kind of happy. Though, they have a loyal wife is waiting for them at home, they still go out and the result is cheating on their wives.

I am not here to judge anyone because I am still single so I might not understand the problem between a man and a woman, between wife and husband, but I am pretty sure that I understand the feeling when someone you love is cheating on you. Sometime, I do not understand why man can be so greedy like that. I know, the biology needs of man is stronger than woman but, you have your own wife, why do you want another woman while you have your vow with the woman you loved? If you want enjoy yourself, your life, your freedom, why do you not live alone? So you can do anything you want and no one will be there to complain, to judge you?

I do not want to have a family, at least, at this time because I still want my freedom and I am too young to think about getting married. However, when I start to think about a family, I will think about it with all my heart and I believe that every woman has the same thinking. So, at least, man – if you do want your freedom and do not want someone to share with you everything – sadness, joyful, happiness, wealth, poor, etc, please, do not propose any girl, do not vow to her in front of your wife-to-be, your family, your friends and do not make her pregnant.Just do not do anything and you do not have to cheat on her later. And in case you did everything I said above, please, keep your vow, your promises and being a faithful husband for your sake, your wife’s and your child’s sake.

Cheating on your loved one is not a smart action, especially when you still in love with them because I believe, I believe that no woman can forget about the fact that their husband has been cheated on them. They can forgive you, but they cannot forget it for the rest of their lives and it will make your marriage become a torture for both of you.

I do not say that woman does not have any false in their marriage, I am just saying the fact that man keep cheating on their wife too much.

An off topic today to say about my displeased when seeing man keep cheating on their wife and they are my loved ones. That is why I write this entry and I hope no one thinks that I am doing something like judging anyone’s dignity or else. Feel easy to read it ^^

I do not know which song I should put into this entry, but I think Miss you like crazy – The Moffats is not a bad choice 🙂


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