Bad ==

Aw, yesterday was not my day, as well as today =.=

Yesterday, I heard something about my study. Oh my, I must pay the deposit which costs $1000 before I can apply the study permit >”< Money, money and money. Always is money. You cannot do anything without money, cannot study, cannot buy your supplies, cannot buy your food, your clothes, your house, your car, etc, everything.

Sometime, I feel it is really unfair when someone who can have enough conditions, enough money to study but they do not give a damn to concentrate to study seriously, while the others, who cannot have their conditions and their money to study is the one who want to study more than anything. I do not say that I see study is my everything, but study and have a good mark, a HD diploma is my requirement to pursue my dreams, my ambition, and I take my study is very serious (at least with the major I like and have a good reason to study it).

Come back to the money issue. Well, if I study at my current university, my mom has enough money and conditions to help my study. However, I have applied and received the letter of admission from a university in Canada, where I can study the major I like – hospitality management.

Of course, it is not the most favorite major to me, but I like it enough to study it seriously, unlike the major I am studying at this time – environmental economics. I am not good at economic, I prefer work with people, communicate and serve the customer’s needs than thinking and planning about products, marketing, etc. I have enough of it with my money issue.

The problem is, my mom cannot help me enough to study abroad. I am the one who blamed about everything.

I do not know. I do not want to talk about this issue anymore. Because if I can get the study permit, if I can come to Canada, I must leave my mom alone.

The next thing, today I have a mid-exam of environmental economic and I got the wrong answer. Bad, too bad.

I did not expect I can get a good mark but I hope I could get an average mark and now, it is over. Blame myself, blame the lecturer, blame myself.

Tonight, I will go to the beach with my family. Everyone in my family has gone yesterday and tonight, I will come with my cousin. Hope I can find some fun enough to forget the things which made me have a headache.

I will take the pictures when sun rise and sun set on the beach ^^


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