Today is the camping day at my university. Since the first year, we have waited for this occasion but this time, I really disappointed.

My class has 93 students and today, we have about 75 students came to attend. But imagine when many people stay at the small place, at the same time, in the mid-noon, it is a torture =.= And when we already have too much people, there is nearly nothing for you to do and sometime, I feel like I was left out.

I do not say and do not want that I am isolated or else, but really, it is hard to feel free with many people and most of them, you barely know about. Maybe I am a stranger, a very different one in a large group of people. Somehow, I want to find a same voice to talk to them but really, from deep down inside, I do not want to do this. The way I am thinking, the way I am acting is very different and I do not think the others, who does not know about me can understand and I do not want to change myself because of anyone, in any circumstance.

Back to the camping, I am not sure that I am the modest type but really, I do not like it when in a social occasion like this, in public and we are students, bring wine and alcohol drinking into our camping site. When there are many bad things had happened in our campus like rape and murder, there is no good to drink wine and beer. But it seems like they did not think that far and they just want to have a little innocent fun in their memory. That is their problem, not mine, so, it is good when I decided not to stay overnight and came home earlier.

Maybe I have asked too much when I want everything would be exactly like when I was in high school and I was always compare my high school with my university. There are many differences but still, I compare them most the time. That is my bad and I do not want to keep it ==

Too tired to complain and I can be sure that the one who read this will get bored as fast as possible, so, listen to Never had a dream come true – S Club 7 to have a refreshment and ready to enjoy your time ^^


4 thoughts on “Dissapointed

  1. Tam says:

    Haizz, I think it’s the same anywhere. I mean, I personally didn’t come to my uni summer camp, but what’s the point? The thing that I was referring to when I say “the same” is the feeling that you can’t really fit in to the flock, it’s like “you don’t belong here” kind of thing. What’s the point of mixing around with hundreds or may even be thousands of people who you scarcely know about?

    Some may say that’s how u make friends, meeting people u’ve never met. But, think about it, it’s easier to get to know everyone if you get together in a small group. Sure, u knew nothing about the others, so let’s find out. The smaller the group, the easier. So if u have hundreds of people there at the camp, how do u go about getting to know them? And if, somehow, u managed to get to know them, will u remember?

    Haizz, back in high school, after the year 11 and year 12 camps, I knew almost all of the students who were in same grade as me. Now, even if this is my second year in uni, I hardly made new friends, the number can be counted on your fingers. Funny thing, coz back in high school, a class just has about 20-24 students, but I got a lot of friends. now, there are around 300-350 new people sitting around me everyday and I still got now new friends.

    • Bella Ngan says:

      yeah, me too 😦 my high school class had 35 and I think abt them as my 2nd family. but my uni class =.= 93 students, how can I know all of them and it’s very hard to remember their names, not talking abt their faces ><
      well, I prefer outside activities but if I could feel that I belong to a group, it would be easier than feeling left out like this 😦
      but this is the fact we must get over to face the real life, right? so try our best and just believe that even we are a hundred miles apart, we're still friends and have friends who think abt and love us :X

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