Bad day

Today is not a good day for me TT^TT I got a headache and stomachache yesterday and it is still not disappear TT___TT

It has been a long time since the last time I got sick, though I do not think I can get sick this easily and the truth is just prove that I am such a stupid ==

It seems like getting sick is not bad enough because I heard something about my tuition fee. I must pay the tuition fee in the next week with the amount of money is $5800 O_O How could I?!?!?!?!?!

I think I should not think about it or I will get stress and it will make my headache getting worse =.= Hope everything will be alright though I do not think a good sleep cannot help but I will try!

Listen to Love the way you lie – Skylar Grey version to relax and thinking about everything easily. My dream is in my reach now, cannot drop it even everyone will think about me like a selfish, arrogant, stubborn girl. But that is fine! I do not care about the other’s thinking because all I need is my family and my friend’s support. That is all I need and the strangers have nothing to do with my life ^^


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