Weekend, weekend, weekend ^^

It has been a week since my last update, right?! Well, this week has many happened, not in the real life but on my mind and lead me to many different decisions ^^

Thinking about my future and yeah, I, a chick who does not like cooking or any girly thing, decided to learn baking from my aunts and cooking from someone who close to my family. It was quite a shock with my family and friends, though I think my mom is quite satisfied with my decisions. She thought it will be very helpful when I live abroad and stay away from my mom (quite sad and lonely when thinking about that time 😦 )

Though I know I do not hate it, quite interested in baking and cooking, so I think I can make it alright ^^ and because of my pride, I must learn hard and make the best cake I can to make that person opens his eyes >”<

Some words about my situation, nothing much but I think write it out loud can help me a bit, like marking my motivations and my goals, so I will not give up in the half way 🙂

The next thing, I have just heard about Stevie Hoang and Adele, sooooo greatttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard is Addicted of Stevie Hoang and I got addicted to this song :X Listen to this song and have a nice weekend ^^


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