Fav songs :X

I knew how to make sponge cake, choux and how to decorate a cake. Yesterday, I practiced it at my house but somehow, I didn’t successful 😐

The first time, the powder wasn’t rise enough to make a good cake. The second time, the time and the temperature I set to bake weren’t good – temperature was too high and the time is too long, I’m not sure but I think this is the reason why my cakes weren’t look good, though the taste weren’t bad ^^

Recently, I listen to many songs of Stevie Hoang :X I didn’t know about him before, but when my cousin told me about him and I curious what’s his music like, so I searched and now, I’m addicted to his songs 🙂  He has many great songs and I like all of them. However, I don’t know why but the song I’ll be fine impressed me very much. The song is about a guy’s feelings when his girlfriend wanna leave him, he doesn’t wanna show his weakness, his pain and to keep his pride, he didn’t beg her and ask her to leave him in peace, he’ll find his peace after he can forget about her, though I thought it’ll make a long time for him to forget all about her.

I’m not sure but I think (it’s just my thinking – no offense) that this might be what my ex felt when I told him I wanna break up with him. I know it’s cruel but seems like he got over it now ^^

It’s better if we don’t speak at all

It’s true. After you say goodbye to your used-to-be-loved-one, you should leave each other alone and don’t bother anymore because it’s harder to forget someone if you keep meeting them after you’ve broken up with them.

I’m not fantasized about love and marriage, I must say I know the good and the bad side of them. In my opinion, I don’t think I can have a long-term relationship – it’s just impossible with someone like me 😛 Even they have both sides in a relationship but I believe that we’ll meet the bad side more often than the good ones. When you meet someone, you thought “this is the one” but when things turn out of the ways, you should listen to your head and that’s the way I did, I do and I’ll always do this way 🙂

However, being a girl is impossible not to dreaming about a prince charming (though you know how impossible it is =)) ) wanna hear he will Fight for you



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