Goodbye my Kaila :(

Last Thursday, I didn’t stay at home and I received a call from my mom. She told me that my Kaila, my girl, my tiny dog has gone.

Shocked! That’s the only word can describe my feeling at that time. Usually, my mom would let her go and had  some fun in the evening, then she would come home, as usual. But that day was an unusual day when after 7 pm, my family haven’t seen Kaila came home and everyone went out to find her. Unfortunately, she disappeared.

Since I was a kid, I was afraid of dog, cat, and any kind of animal (except fish). However, when my uncle brought Kaila home – OMG, she’s so cute!!! – that’s what I thought and said when I saw her. Even I was still afraid she might bite me but I really, really love her. It’s been nearly 5 years since Kaila came to my home and sometimes, she was really irritated but she’s my lovely dog, the smallest member of my family, my little girl and else.

You can imagine what would I feel when I came home but she doesn’t there to welcome me, to purr, to run after me, to do anything she would do whenever I come home. I miss Kaila! I really, really miss her and my house has become somewhat different without her barking, her frame, her sight, without her.

I don’t wanna have any pet anymore. Kaila is enough for me. I know having a pet is really good but I don’t think I can bear the feeling of losing again. Kaila has gone against her will – which I’m sure 100% – and I don’t wanna lose another one.

Even you has gone, Kaila, I’m still love you very much! I love you, my lovely Kaila!


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