It’s been a nearly a month since I lost my dog. I miss her very much. I really hope she’s living happily with people, who cares about her as us 😦

Last Friday, at about 11 pm, I received an e-mail from an assistance in International center of SAIT – where I applied in Canada. As usual, it told me about the deposit I had to pay before pay my tuition fee and study at SAIT. Frustrated, I called her. Two calls, about 8 minutes, I solved my problem and I’m waiting for the confirmation letter from SAIT to apply for my study permit in Canada. I must say, I was a bit freak out when I was talking to her because this is the first time I talk to foreigner by phone and I’m not sure that my pronunciation is good enough. But thankfully, she can understand me and I feel a bit better after that. Hope everything will be alright when I come to Canada ^^

[Though my cousin used to say I can’t be shy even when I’m at a strange environment because I’m talkative and active. I hate him because he said I’m talkative forwardly >.<]

Well, related to talkative, I’m reading a very interesting book right now – Why Men don’t listen and Women can’t read maps [Barbara and Allan Pease]. This is a wonderful book!

They are explain how different our brains are, why they affect our actions and so on. After reading 5 chapters, I assume that I’m not talkative, it’s just because I’m a girl and a girl have a strong will to talk, to express everything 😛

Besides, I’m free from studying right now, so I’m thinking about learning another language. Then, I chose French and Japanese.

French because it’s good for my life while Canada has two national languages – English and French, for my job because studying hospitality management, the more languages you know, the more impress and success you can get.

Japanese because I wanna travel to Japan at least once in my life and I love manga and anime – a successful industry in comics and cartoons in Japan.

That’s why I chose them. Though I don’t expect I can be fluently like natives but I hope and I’ll try to speak fluently to communicate with people and my reading skill is good enough to read a newspaper.

Too many goals to archive but I’ll try my best since I know where I am, what I do and what I want, that’s enough for me (for now!).


2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. nhi says:

    ack, your dog may be became dog meat. sombody ate her. but, I hope she survive….
    congratulate!!!your dream became true. I think you can archive your goals

  2. Bella Ngan says:

    thanks so much! but I think there’s no one would eat her (or that’s what I hope) coz she has nothing to eat ~.~
    though I just put one step on my way, still hope I can archive it asap ^^

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