Two fathers

There are two men in my life. One of them are my biological father, the other is my step father.

Three years I lived with my biological father but I can say, I have no emotions for him, even if I have, this must be the basic feeling I have for the one who has a part in creating my life. I haven’t lived with him since I was 4, so I don’t really have anything for him. However, the funniest thing is, he’s my biological father and at least, he has to do something a father should do for his daughter, but the things I receive is nothing. We haven’t met or contacted for nearly 2 years, since my accident. He came to hospital to visit me, though I think he had another thing to do and visiting me was the thing he must, not that he wanted to visit me. Maybe, that’s why I don’t have faith in men because I have seen a bad image of a man. How funny!

My second man, he’s not the person who has part in creating me but he’s the one who takes care for me, from my studying to my needs, to every part of my life, to make sure I have a good life and a good education. I don’t mean to compare the two but the differences has shown clearly between them. I can say that I love and respect my step father than my real father, because he showed me what’s a real man, showed me that even we aren’t father-daughter by blood but he still loves me as his real daughter, not just a step daughter.

I really want the two has a good and long life, no difference between biological father and step father. Though, I still own my step father a thank you because of everything he had done and will do for me.

I really appreciate your love and everything you did for me. Thank you and I love you, my dad!


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