Happy birthday to me :)

Another year, another Dec 11th

Today, I’m officially 20 years old. In the last year, there were many things happy in my life, good or bad, I’m appreciate all of them.

Well, let take a look in the past:

– I had to cancel my application to study Hospitality management this year cause I couldn’t get the study permit in time.

– I broke up officially and finally with my first boyfriend, whom I have known for over 7 years

– I have made up with many new friends

– I have learned baking and found a new hobby, even I don’t have much time and money for it

– I have read many Chinese novels, both good and bad, they have given me many good times, to relax, to think

– I have started to edit novels free to improve my writing in Vietnamese, I have abandoned it for a long time and to share my favorite novels with everyone

Well, nothing much, really. However, my 19th year was not a bad year after all. I can be proud of myself later 🙂

Goodbye 19th and Hello 20th!

I have many plans for this year, but I’ll talk about them someday, when I have more time. Now, Happy Birthday to me!!!


2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me :)

  1. troi0dat0oi0 says:

    Happy Birthday to Bella!

    Happy Birthday to Bella!

    Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday…

    Happy Birthday to Bella!

    Sinh nhật zui zẻ! Chúc mọi điều tốt lành sẽ đến với Bella!!!

    P/S1: Sorry, không viết được Eng !!!
    P/S2: May là không phải hát! Chứ không mình méo miệng a! ><
    P/S3: Mình luôn phá hoại không khí mà!

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