How long is it since the last time I wanna explain everything I did with someone?

I don’t know, I just know, I’m too tired now. Somehow, I really wanna express myself, just being myself, let me fly with the wind, but I just can’t.

Why do I have to explain for myself if there’s no one wanna hear it, no one wanna believe in me?

I just need someone can believe in me, someone will be my home, will be waiting for me whenever I’m away, someone doesn’t question me every single move in my life. Am I too greedy?

I don’t know, again.

Today, I talked with my little girl about my love life. I know my way of thinking is too negative and I think, maybe, just maybe I can’t love someone truly, deeply, madly. Don’t ask me why, I just know that I can’t do that.

This world is too big and I’m just a little girl, but, I wanna go to everywhere in this planet, wanna meet people from every country, every place.

I can’t give my love to one people and only one, I wanna share it with everyone. My thinking is kinda weird, even me couldn’t understand it fully =.=

Well, some words to say how hopeless I am right now. Hopeless because I don’t see where I’m belong to. Hopeless because I can’t trust anyone fully. Hopeless because my way is too lonely, though I know I have to go all the way by myself, there’s no one can help me, ’cause this is my choice.

Though this song is talking about love with distance, the guy has to move around in a long time because of his job, the girl has to waiting for him, they believe in their love.

However, there is a single sentence I like from this song and I think, it suits myself perfectly

Just for a moment, can we escape?


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