7788 Em yêu anh – 7788 I love you (Cầm Sắt Tỳ Bà)

It has been a long time since the last time I wrote my first review in English. I’m not sure why but I just feel like writing about this novel in English, maybe because its plot, maybe because I just feel like doing it.

This is a Chinese novel. It has been published for many months but I have to read ebook ‘cause I don’t have enough money to buy it (poor myself!!!) I just finished reading it last night, or I have to say, this morning, around 4 in the morning.

The writing in this novel is not really impressed or special, though I prefer their plot than. It talks about love, as usual, but this is the kind of love between two persons, from two countries, from two cultures – Western and Asian.

The main female character – Mục Khanh Khanh (77), who was born and raised in a traditional family in China. She is a traditional girl, being protect by her parents, her grandparents and her cousins, just like she is a child.

She’s 24 years old and she’s teaching in a international school, teaching at preschool class. She has a conservative mind, she wants a long-term relationship and can get married, so she couldn’t accept a relationship with a foreigner. However, in the end, she fell in love with a foreigner, her pupil’s uncle.

The main male character is Phí Duật Minh (88), who was born and raised in Germany. He’s 30 and is a wild horse. Before he meets her, he didn’t  think about a long-term relationship or marriage, but then, he found her. He said straightly that he doesn’t know about future, he’s not sure what he can give her, but he said, he’s serious, very, very serious with this relationship, with their love and with her.

It’s very hard for her to start and maintain their relationship. Basically, they have many different.

She’s an Asian girl with a conservative mind, he’s a Chinese but was born and raised in Germany, worked at France and have an open mind from Western.

She’s good in using English but her mother language’s still Chinese, he can speak German, French and English fluently, but doesn’t know much about Chinese.

She has too many effects from her family and also from herself, he wants their relationship is only belong to them, not her family, not his family, not anyone.

She’s hard to accept the invitation to living with him before married, he wants live with her to find out if they are really the spiritual partner or more than that, the soul mate of each other.

Some points and you can see, they are different from inside to outside. Nevertheless, they still want to try and face the difficult between themselves.

Somehow, I don’t like 77 very much. She’s the type of passive girl, she’s not sure what she wants, what she needs and how to independent, until she meets him. I can understand her circumstance, being the only girl in the family, everyone loves her, takes care of her, don’t want her has to suffer any hard things in this life, and they think, that’s the best thing for her. This is the popular circumstance in Asia, parents are always thinking that their children couldn’t be alone, couldn’t be by themselves, couldn’t be happy without their leading.

Until she meets him, like I said before, he’s a wild horse. He loves her, he’s serious with her, he pleases every single thing she wants, but he criticizes her harshly, shows her faults, lets her go by herself and just standing there to watch her, to catch her in the last minutes.

I like the type of man like him. He’s mature, he knows what he wants, what he needs and what he has to do to get them – he’s trustworthy. Of course, he’s not a perfect man, no one is perfect. He has demerits, too. However, I don’t see much in this novel, in their love. If I have to say one, I could say, maybe do not thinking about future is a demerit, but who can blame him? They’re just dating for six months and they are different from each other, so said about marriage in this stage isn’t a good choice.

In the end, they haven’t married yet, or at least, till they have their first child. They’re living with each other in his house, they have argued many times, they have problems in almost everything they do, but, they can make it fine after all.

Well, this is kinda off topic, but I wanna say something about it ‘cause I think it has affected to me when I read this novel. I’m an Asian girl and I’m still young, I’m ready to move with my full speed, I wanna explore everything in this world and one more important thing, I was raised by my mom, a single mom, she has given me more freedom than any friend of mine can have, she has taught me how to be independent, and yes, she’s a very important fact to help me has an open mind like now.

I think I’m the mixture between Western and Asian, I mean my thinking. I really like how Western people control their life, doing their jobs seriously and having fun by all themselves. However, I have been living in Asia for twenty years, so I only want to have a physical contact when I have sense of responsibility about myself, more importantly, I don’t want to have physical contact because I need it or I feel like it, I want have it when my partner is serious with me and our relationship.

Phew, I’m still conflict myself, someday, somehow, I can find the answer for my question, but now, enjoy the life! I’m young, I’m free and I can do everything with fearless and by all my heart.

Too off topic, though overall, this is a good novel, it helps you see that marriage doesn’t mean only love and only between two persons, it’s also the way to connect people around you, you’re happy, they’re happy. Even you’re Western or Asian, marriage is a connection between you and another family, whatever you do will affect yourself and people who cares about you in some way. So, think carefully by your brain and feel the best way in your heart, choose your answer wisely, you can happy and everyone will be happy for you.

Love isn’t the only best thing in this world, marriage isn’t the final station in your life.

Love is a good thing in the world, but don’t ever think, love can replace all the connections in your life.

Marriage is only a station in your life, your love, not the final. You have to go through more and more things in your marriage to know that, the hand in your hand is the best and the right answer you’re looking for.

CT, Dec 31st 2011




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