The 1st month of the New Year

Well, take a look at my last month, the 1st month of 2012 ^___^

In Tet, well, I hate to say, but there was (were) a (some) thief sneaked in my house and stole something TToTT Thanks to them, I might be not go anywhere this year. However, besides that bad fact, this Tet is not bad after. I can say, I didn’t stay at home any day, from the 1st to the 7th day of Tet, I came back to my hometown to attend the family reunion every year, I went out with my friends, played cards (and won some money :P), partied with my family, went to my sis-friend’s house and found out a nice place to take pics, I definitely come back there and take as many pics as I can ^^.

After stayed at home for 2 weeks, I came back to uni and restart the 2nd semester of this year. An interesting of this semester is, I have 6 subjects and I have to do 4 projects for 4 of them. Wonderful!!!

One of them is planning a business project and I’m so excited to do a project about open a cafe shop and a florist at the same time, same place. Though I know it would be hard and although this is just a “paper-plan”, but I wanna do my best, cause I might be own a shop like that someday, who knows?

One of them is talking about tourism in Vietnamese from 2009 to 2011. Recently, I have read a response from a American, who’s seen and called him a Vietnamese, to another American, because he said “he would never come back to Vietnam by any chance.”. That topic make me think about the tourism in Vietnam and wanna do something to take a look at the realistic picture.

The other two, I haven’t thought about what I should do yet, but I hope it’d be great as the other two.

About my editing novels, well, congratulation to me, I have finished my 1st one!!! It’s a very very gentle and warm story. I really like it! Though I still have made many mistakes there but I’m grateful that the readers still like and accept it, I’ll try harder for the two which I’m on my way to work with them ^^.

A fortune has said to me something like this: this year is a good year for me, though I met some problem in the start of the year, but everything will be fine, there’s nothing to worry about. At the end of this month, I’ll get a good news (I’m waiting for it!!!). There’s something they said about my love life too, I shouldn’t get marry before I’m 27 cause it’s not good for my marriage =)) Another funny thing is, they said I have someone who likes me, younger than me, older than me and the same as me. However, I don’t know if I have friends at that age, except the same age (but I have crossed out the same aged boys >.<), and well, even if I have, what’s the matter? After all, I just saw them as my friends, my best friends (maybe) and I don’t intend to get any further with anyone, at least, not now.

About my studying, hope it’ll be fine as their words. I really hate waiting but I has been waiting for more than a half year, that’s why I hope it would be ended this year, this month is the best!!! Good or bad, yes or no, whatever, but I need an answer right now, an answer to know which way I should go.

Talking about future, I wanna become a wedding planner, though I have seen many problems on my way, many difficult things I have to deal with, but I chose this way and I’m going to go to the end of this path. I have missed one in my life and I don’t wanna live in regret for the rest of my life. So, go ahead! Everything is waiting for me and I’ll be fine!

Summarize something about myself in last month, to set new targets, to find a new place to go and to refresh myself.

Have fun everyone and Happy Lunar New Year! (A bit late, I know, but it’s better than nothing :P)


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