Ready for the new challenges

Yesterday, or the day before yesterday – Friday, to be exactly, I’ve got the most important news, which I was waiting for nearly one year. Yeah, I’ve got the chance to purchase my dream after all.

Actually, I wasn’t really surprised or overacted when I read “Your application has been approved.” It’s just, I was kinda shock and couldn’t react at that time. I just remember that my heart beaten rapidly. After all, I still acted calmly to ask and thank you the officer, not being rudely ^^.

My friends are very happy and a bit sad. They are happy because they know how much I want this chance, but they are sad, like they said, they won’t have someone to shopping, to talk, to hang out and won’t have a friend next to them anymore. All of us know, this will be a long time before we can gather together again, but trust me, I will be back to meet you guys!

Next to the happiness, I feel a bit, a lot to be exactly, pressure right now. First of all, I can’t stay with my mom anymore, we have to separate, like my mom said – that’s the price we have to pay to achieve. I know that very well, but leaving the person I love and trust most in the world, it isn’t an easy task. Second, I have to leave at least 5 years, ’cause I need that time to repay all my debt to my aunts and my uncles because they helped me to purchase my dream; and another thing, I wanna build a house, a true house on the ground for my mom, that’s what I own her because she has to sacrifice many things for me. Third, I will live with my uncle’s family and I know, I have to behave, to be a grown up girl and make mom proud of me.

On my way to become a wedding planner, to keep my promise with my cousin – always try my best, a deal with my friend – planning her wedding as the best wedding ever, to prove myself with the world – I’m here and to my mom, I’m your daughter and will always make you proud of me and never regret because I was born.

Life isn’t an easy game, its colors include black, white, yellow, orange, purple, etc, so I have to learn how to face all the difficult in my life. And never let myself forget, I’m me, I’m only and I will do anything to prove that, to achieve my goals and to find my own place in this big world.


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