The 1st week

I have been here for one week, from Mar 21st to today, Mar 28th.

Truthfully, I don’t know what to say, just some words to describe my life in Calgary.

First of all is the time zone. The time zone in here is the Mountain time (GMT -7) while the time zone in Vietnam is the Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta (GMT +7), a big, very big difference. Though as I can see, I can get over it easily, not really hard as I used to imagine. However, it clearly shows that I have been away from my mom, my home, my friends, while they’re living, I’m sleeping and the other way.

Secondly, I have to force myself to do many,  many things that I don’t like and I hate. I have to control my emotions, my actions, my way of thinking and all the things that I can do freely in Vietnam doesn’t mean I can do the same here.

Thirdly, I realized that I have stayed away, far away from Vietnam this morning. Even it’s the blue sky, sunny and cloudy, a perfect weather to picnic, but I feel different. It’s not the same as Vietnam’s, not anymore. The sky is closer, the wind is colder, the sunny is cooler, not as warm as in Vietnam and the cloud is brighter. They are different at all.

Fourthly, well, I have started my part-time jobs from this week, one is waitress in my aunt’s restaurant, one is in her florist. These jobs is a bit hard but thankfully, my English isn’t too bad, I can handle it and make it right asap. Hope everything will be fine!

Fifthly, I don’t know but I really hate when I heard someone talk something bad about Vietnam. I know, Vietnam still has its bad facts but after all, that where I was born, was grown up and I love that country no matter what. Many people said that in the short time, I won’t wanna come back to Vietnam anymore but I really don’t think as well as don’t want to. Because, my mom, my most precious mom is living in Vietnam, my home is Vietnam, is wherever she is.

I don’t wanna talk too much when things are just getting started, but I promise to myself, to my friends and to my mom (in my thinking ’cause I don’t wanna make her worry.), that I will be back, no matter what I’m doing here, whatever in Calgary, but I will be back, for sure.

The detail plan is on my head, I will talk about it when I have everything in my hand, not now.

Well, I think that’s enough for my 1st week, I will keep writing report about every week of mine in Calgary, to keep updating my situation with my friends and sharing my information :).


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