The 2nd week

So, there has been 2 weeks since the day I left Vietnam. Just 2 weeks, but there are many things happened, I still don’t know that’s bad or good, but right now, it’s fine after all :).

Well, let’s take a look at this week. Not bad, an overall verb for the whole week.

Last weekend, I came shopping with my aunts. We came to the new mall of the town. There are a tons of things, but as usual, I didn’t buy anything. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just feel like it’s unnecessary. First, I haven’t earned any amount of money yet, if I wanna buy anything, I have to ask my aunt for money and I don’t wanna do that. Second, I still have enough things to wear, to use now. Clothes, I can wait for my mom to send me, cause she has made many clothes for me and I think they suit me and fit this place.

I stayed at my uncle’s home last weekend, kinda fun with my little cousin and his family. Well, almost forget, I tried hamburger and pizza here as well. However, I don’t like them == too much cheese and it can make me fat faster, so the best way is saying goodbye to them.

My cousin – the big guy said he wanna take me shopping but the problem is, the day he’s off is the day I go to work, if not, I would be at my uncle’s home. That’s why I decided being home this weekend and we will go to the biggest mall here, just window shopping, but it’s fun after all :D.

Talk back about window shopping, he took me to one of the malls here this Mon or Tue, everybody ask what he bought for me and the answer is funny, an ice cream =)))))))))))))) But that’s true anyway, things are too expansive and luxury. Though I really like Swarovski but that’s ok with window shopping, I’m not in the level for these luxury things.

He said I can borrow his IP if I want but I think I’m fine with no phone now and I don’t wanna bother him more. And an interesting thing happened the day after, he brought home a BB. We asked where did he has that phone, he said he just took it on the table =))))))))))))))

Thanks to him, now I have a phone to use now. Thanks so much, big guy ^^.

My aunts and my cousins were also took me to the casino, but the only thing I can said is, I dislike casino. The light is too dim, the machine is too noisy, the air is … I don’t understand why people like that place so much, but for me, I don’t wanna come back there.

The last thing I wanna talk about this week is, I have met two Canadians. One of them is a nicely woman I met at the bus stop. She asked me about myself and was very amazing when she knows I’m a student because she said I’m look too young, just around 14 or 15 =)))))))) Thank you so much, my dear old woman :). The second person is a man I met at the flower shop. He said to me many interesting things and I hope I can meet him again at the flower shop.

Well, that’s enough for now, I’m too tired to continue. I’ll go back the next Thurs :D.


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