The 3rd week

Well, another week has passed.

Actually, this week didn’t have anything special, just come and pass. I come to my aunt’s flower shop everyday.

Last week, I planned to go out with my cousin, but after all, I had to stay at the flower shop to help my aunt. Well, that’s ok, just hope I will have some free time to explore this place.

I have talked to my friends, they said, they worry that, after a few years staying abroad, I can change. I mean, everyone will change, but they’re afraid that I can lose my own self. Yeah, I have to admit that I’m afraid so. I’m scared that because of the life, because of everything, I can change myself into someone I don’t wanna to.

They said, I have to face everything by myself, there’s no one stand beside to help me, to encourage me, to fix my mistakes, I’m all by myself after all.

Somehow, I think my feelings are connected to Demi Lovato’s song – Skyscraper.  Just like I’m standing on a wall, a very very small wall, just one wrong step, I could fall down for sure.

They are afraid because I have protected myself too much, I don’t wanna anyone hurt me, I don’t wanna anyone step into my life. Well, I know it’s a bit negative, but in this case, this is the best thing I can do.

Well, talking a bit about my life in this week. Will talk more the next week 🙂


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