The 5th week

As usual, my report for the last week ^^

Hmm, was there anything new?  I guess so, there’s something new about last week.

The 1st thing is, the weather has become warmer, thanks god =)).

The 2nd thing, I had a hair cut this night, well, kinda strange == Everyone said that I’m look younger than my age, about 6,7 years younger == But, at the same time, they said I’m look just like I’m 25, 26 with my old hair. What the heck!!!! Forget it, I can go with that, I can live with it.

The 3rd, well, I got new phone number, though there was something happened and I might change my number, but for now, it’s ok after all.

Last week, I went to the part with my grandma, my aunt, my uncle and my cousins. What a beautiful place, a warm weather! I have taken many pictures on that day.

Though I don’t have a camera but I managed it alright with my phone, the quality isn’t that bad.

Some note about my last week, now I have to go to bed, it’s bed time and I have a long day to go tomorrow.

Sleep well and have a good day, myself.


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