The 6th week

As usual, another week has passed ^^

Well, there’s nothing to say much, except I had to work much last week, my limbs is crying out loud now because it stood too much ~.~

There was something happened but I know, after all the things, even I can say it out loud but can’t change anything, I just tell my mom about everything because I know that she will understand, she’s my mom and she knows the reason more than me. One more reason, she is the only person in the world whom I trust with all my heart and my mind.

Sometime, I wondered if I made she worried about me more than I already have, but I couldn’t stop myself from telling her everything that happened to me, I just know, I have to tell her, to do nothing but share my feelings or else, I will go to nuts.

The other things are fine. Everyone is really good with me, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, they all treat me well and care for me, that’s good enough for me.

Last Sunday, I came out with my cousin, went to the cinema and watched The hunger games. WOW! That was the only thing in my head after the movie finished. It’s great as a movie, and not bad as a movie based on a novel. The funny thing is, when I was watching, a scene when Katniss and Peeta is searching Cato, their opponent, then the muttations appeared. Gosh, I was nearly jumped out of my seat!!! That made my cousin laugh all the way home, thankfully, he didn’t do that in the cinema.

Well, something happened the last week, I can stand it after all. No matter what happen, all I have to do is brace myself, prepare for anything can happen, can stir up my life, I still have to stand there, facing all the problems and challenges, I have to learn how to fly by myself.

I have something all my mind, well, sounds crazy but own my own business and a penthouse when I get 50 don’t feel like impossible, right? Just write it down and then, come back when I was 50 to see if I can do anything about it.

That’s enough for this week, will update on next week.


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