The 9th week

Time passes so fast, don’t you think?

Let me think, this week actually has many things happened. Let’s see.

On Sat, I went out, actually, after I was off from my work, I and my cousin, we were going out for dinner, because he was sick of chicken (we eat chicken all day!!!). So we came to a Japanese restaurant and ate sushi, cause he knows I like sushi =]] Wonderful!!! So great, so good, so yummy… man, I’m drooling just remembering of them. Though the price was a bit expansive, over 60CAD for 6 dishes and dessert, but well, he paid. The next time, we’ll come to a Korean restaurant and I will pay.

When we got home, everyone was going out. My aunt and uncle-in-law were watching a show, my other cousin was went out with his girlfriend. We decided to watch a movie, I picked Around the world in 80 days, childish – I know, but that was all I want atm.

My cousin had a hockey game on 9pm. I decided to go with him rather than alone at home. This was the 1st time I watch a hockey game, not bad, it’s faster but more violent than soccer. The temperature inside is the same as the cooler in the flower shop. Thank Goodness, I wasn’t freezing.

On Sunday, I went fishing with my grandma, my aunts, my uncles and their families. First, I don’t know how to fishing. Second, I don’t have a fishing license. That’s why all I did is taking pictures =)) Not really the best, but not the worst either.

I had a day off on Monday because last weekend was Long weekend, a holiday here. I was doing nothing except editing the novel my friend asked me to.

That was the end of my weekend.

This week started on Tuesday. Nothing special has happened yet, but I was doing fine, not bad. Tomorrow, I have to work all day because tomorrow is Sat, and the restaurant’s usually busy on this day.

A funny thing is, seems like my family’s favorite question is: Have you regretted of coming to Canada? Man, why do I have to regret? If regret could make money, then fine, I would regretted for the rest of my life. If not, why would I?

I know, there are many things I can get used to right now. The weather, the life style, etc. But, that’s not mean I will never get used to them. I’m trying. That’s all I can say now. Life isn’t an easy path, I’m just making it become easier for me to walk, to learn and to fly. So, please, stop asking me that question. That’s stupid!

Another week has passed by. Getting used to the weather, getting used to live apart from mom, getting used to everything.

I’m doing my best!

P/S: the summer is coming. I think this song is the most suitable one. ^^


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