The 9th week

Well well well, this week has many things to say about it ^^

First of all, I can say, I have met the first asshole in my life. Such a jerk! That guy is a waiter in my aunt’s restaurant, we were in the same shift. Man, I haven’t met any guy like this one. He has nothing to see him as an grown up man, there’s nothing in him can use ‘gentleman’ to describe.

Last Saturday were a busy day. We had about 5 groups of people, not at the same time but I can say, we didn’t have to time to breath. After a birthday party ended, he came over there and clean up. He was cleaning and I was serving customers here, busy as always. After that, another group has gone, I came out and clean. Then he came over, too, because my aunt told him to do so. Fine, he was out, I can take care of the customers. However, when he finished, he came in and yelled at me, why did I leave him to do all the things?! Please, he did his job and so am I, please open your eyes and see what I’m doing. If my aunt didn’t say anything, I would yell at him, but she did and I controlled myself, or I would kick his ass out of there.

Man, for the 1st time in my life, I met such a jerk!

After finished my shift, I came home and attended my aunt’s birthday. Ewww, this was the 1st time I drank wine, and that was hennessy == I really admire myself that I didn’t black out right away, instead, I can talk, can eat and joking around =.= But that’s fun any way.

This week, nothing’s special. Although I have a pressure on over my head, my head is aching, dizzy and tired. What can I do? Just keep going after all.

My aunt is sick and has a surgeon next week, wish you all the best, auntie. Everything will be alright, don’t worry, my dear aunt. Love you so much!

Miss my mom. Mom, I miss you, really really really miss you. Love you and I know you know it, without saying a word. All the best for you, my dearest mom!


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