The 10th week

Na na na, another week has passed by. Swearing on Monday and can’t wait till Saturday but time passes so fast. Another 7 days has gone.

This week, well, there’s nothing much to say about it, except the fact that I spent too much money TToTT.

I wasn’t planning to spend that much, but I can’t control myself when I see books and anything related to books *cry out loud*

I bought an e-reader – Kobo and Kenshin. That’s my favorite manga of all the time, next to Basara. I couldn’t buy it when I was in Vietnam and when I saw it in Indigo, I couldn’t control myself, then ordering the rest of the series on the Internet. All of them mean one and only one thing, I can’t spend, can’t buy for anything for the rest of the month.

It hurts, but well, at least I can relax and enjoy it, spending that amount of money as a gift for myself for the 1st time I make money by myself. I have to love me, right?

There’s nothing really special about this week, so I will stop right here. Hopefully I will have an interesting week, interesting, not boring or tiring to dead >.<


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